Swami Vivekananda’s visit to Dehradun

1890 : For the treatment of Swami Akhandananda and happened to meet Swami Turiyananda, who was practicing severe auterities at Baur Shiva Mandir, Rajpur road, Dehrdun on the way towards Mussorie

1897 : Swamiji had an ardent desire to to open an orphange, withregard to it Swamij came in search for the feasibility of an orphanage at Dehradun.The English followers of Swamiji, Capt. Sevier and Mrs. Sevier. It did not materialise then.

Other Revered Swamis’ visit to the Kishanpur:

Swami Virjananda, 1944

Maharaj was a direct disciple of Swami Vivekananda. He was elected as the president. In those days under the guidance of Maharaj, a Bhakta Sammelan was organised at Kishanpur, Dehradun ashrama.He also initiated some serious spiritual aspirants.

Swami Jagadananda

Maharaj was a disciple of the Holy Mother . Maharaj spent the last years of his life in Barlowganj, Almora and Kishanpur. He was a true Vedantin and impressed everyone who came in contact with him. He passed away in the year 1951 at Brindavan

Swami Swaprakashananda

Maharaj was an initiated disciple of Sw. Brahmanandaji. He spent most of his time in Tapasya at Uttarkashi and Kishanpur. He passed away at 1983

Swami Atulananda

(formerly Coreluis J. Heijblom from Amsterdam)

Maharaj was a disciple of the Holy Mother. He was majorly inspired by Swami Turiyananda. His face was ever lit by the charm of his spiritual richness. He spent major time at Barlowganj centre and also visited Dehradun centre frequently.

Swami Gambhirananda

Swamiji had a special liking towards the Dehradun centre and visited the same over varying periods every year between 1980 – 1988. Revered Maharaj was the eleventh President of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission from 1985 – 1988.