Primary relief operations are undertaken during, natural calamities and man-made disasters, immediately by providing food, clothing, utensils, etc. Subsequently, secondary relief / rehabilitation work is undertaken to help the affected victims.

Every year, the marginalized and destitute people in the slums and village are provided With a free supply of winter garments and blankets on need basis. In addition, the Kishanpur Ashrama at its own level and also under the directions of Ramakrishna Mission, Belur renders Relief services to people affected by natural calamities. The people in hilly areas of Uttarakhand Suffer from natural disasters / calamities repeatedly, particularly after heavy rains resulting in Frequent landslides and occasional floods.
The unprecedented deluge of 2013 in Kedarnath and other hills caused huge loss of lives And property. Overnight, people became homeless and destitute. Children became orphans.
Ramkrishna Mission through its Kishanpur Ashrama in Dehradun and Kankhal Ashrama in Haridwar launched a massive and coordinated relief work rendering humanitarian services for Survival of affected people. The Kishanpur Ashrama covered around 290 villages under the Aforementioned primary relief work. The monks and volunteers distributed food,clothes, Utensils, blankets and other household items,braving rough terrain and extreme weather Conditions. A challenging rehabilitation work, worth approximately 6.0 crores, initiated by the Kishanpur Ashrama towards the re-construction of a degree collage at Agastyamuni in Rudraprayag district.