Vivekananda Netralaya @ Dehradun

The ongoing pandemic is causing lots of hardship to our fellow citizens. As part of our bounden duty, we are committed to serving the people in distress. Acceding to the request of the district administration, we have also partly converted, at very short notice, the Vivekananda Netralaya into a Dedicated Covid Care Centre with oxygen-supported 33 beds. We got it operationalized from 26th April 2021 onwards.

Agastyamuni @ Rudraprayag

Another Dedicated Covid Care Center with 27 oxygen-supported beds was started on 24.05.2021 at the girls’ hostel at Anusuya Prasad Bahuguna Government PG College at Agastyamuni (constructed as part of Flood Relief 2013 by Ramakrishna Mission).

Contact Details

For Contributions / Donations:
Swami Asimatmananda, Secretary
+91 94589 98356 (9.30 AM to 2.00 PM)

For COVID Hospital related queries:
Sri Prithviraj Chhetri – Admin, Vivekananda Netralaya
+91 70175 06825

Landline number:
Vivekananda Netralaya
+91 0135 273 4356

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